Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang Nº 6: Izat Arif

A+ is delighted to announce the return of our exhibition series, Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang, with works by Malaysian artist Izat Arif.

Kadang Kadang Dekat Dekat Akan Datang is an ongoing series of preview exhibitions showcasing existing and/or ongoing works by artists with whom the gallery collaborates. The title of this series is a reference to a riddle in the 1959 P. Ramlee movie “Nujum Pa’ Blalang”.

Satu – Banyak-banyak

Dua – Sikit-sikit

Tiga – Jarang-jarang

Empat – Kadang-kadang

Izat Arif (b. 1986) is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur whose works range from drawings and installations to videos and objects. In Izat’s work, power structures are given their own personal identities, with him cheekily role-playing characters of our puppet masters in property development, bureaucracy, and art criticism. The exhibition includes works by Izat from the period 2017 to 2023, exampling a journalistic practice that articulates the artist’s immediate surroundings of contemporary Malaysia, its political tensions, and their parallels within the art world. Under his sharp, satirical analyses, Izat broadens our concerns to include not only the actions and excesses of those involved in the production of power but equally to those who give weight to their claims.

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