In 1986, Nirmala Dutt’s Friends in Need and Save the Seed that will Save the Black People were removed from the exhibition Side by Side, a British-Malaysian contemporary art exhibition held at the National Art Gallery Malaysia. Using this incident as the entry point, this panel will discuss a number of significant cases of visual arts censorship in Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. How are violations against freedom of expression in the arts framed and justified?
What journey takes the same work from acceptable to controversial? What are some of the responses from the different arts stakeholders when art is attacked?
This panel is organised as part of the Southeast Asian Arts Censorship database project to research and document arts and culture censorship in the region. Launched in 2022 by ArtsEquator (Singapore) in partnership with Five Arts Centre (Malaysia), the pilot covers incidents occurring from 2010 to 2022, in six Southeast Asian countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
The panel includes Kathy Rowland, Project Founder and Director of ArtsEquator, Singapore, Linh Le, Researcher, Vietnam, and Katrina Stuart Santiago, Researcher, the Philippines. Please join us on Saturday, 9 September, at 5:30
PM on Level 5 of ILHAM.

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