Harder Than This – The Musical

Harder Than This – The Musical is a new musical production that has been conceptualized and inspired by true stories of aspiring artists from The U.K and S.E.A.

Creative people can become chronically frustrated because their idealism and reflective natures make it impossible for them to accept their own failures or those of society. Others without such a creative inclination may be saddened in the moment. But they’ll be far less likely to tie themselves up in knots imagining and re-imagining alternative histories that could have happened but didn’t, or should happen but never will.

A little unusual; this production covers a broad spectrum of issues which includes severe depression, anxiety disorder, suicide attempts, drugs abuse, upbringing, relationship failures and peer pressure. These are actual life experiences of our lead casts who finally have the courage to unmask themselves, to share the struggles that they have gone through in life to achieve their dreams; representing all those who have been accused as being the “Attention Seeker”, when life is just another episode of a frightful nightmare.

Depression can be a debilitating condition, but often it is a warning sign and a cry for help. In other words, it calls for action, and those with great artistic ability naturally turn to their art to express what they’re feeling. Their depression may not be the cause of their art, but it can be a motivation for it, or a coping mechanism for it.

Our vision of this project is to inspire our audiences to have faith, to chase their dreams, and to keep persevering. We wish to share our story with the society, and those affected. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Don’t give up, keep going because #lifeisharderthanthis.

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