Gelombang Baru 2018 & International Dance Day Free Workshops

Gelombang Baru is an annual choreography performance event that aims to develop, educate and provide exposure for budding choreographers of Malaysia. ASWARA is committed to improving the standards of choreography and the professionalism in the performing arts in the country. This is a platform to showcase the talents from the young generation, who are able to contribute to the development of the performing arts of the nation. The art and craft of choreography has infinite possibilities, and ASWARA encourages young choreographers to explore and create. The process of staging their work involves auditions, mentoring, and several sessions of feedback with peers and lecturers. This production is also a platform for students who are interested in choreography, beyond the classroom/syllabus requirements. This is a brilliant opportunity for the students/choreographers to develop their thinking through the process of choreography; to consider how their work stands as a reflection of society, to be able to deliver a message, and to entertain as well. Besides that, the students/choreographers also get a chance to meet the audience from the industry and have discussions regarding their choreography. Gelombang Baru is platform for the students/choreographers to get a taste of what it’s like to put their work out in the industry.

The series is now its 16th year, and has produced several graduates who are professional and award-winning choreographers such as A. Aris Kadir, Fairuz Tauhid, Akmal Ayob, Lakshman Balarkrishnan, Mohd Yunus Ismail, Faillul Adam, James Kan, Fairul Zahid, Naim Syahrazad, Chai Vivan, Fauzi Amirudin, Raymond Liew, Liu Yong Sean and Hanafi Rosdi, to name a few. Indeed, Gelombang Baru is a platform to improve the self-confidence, show the talents, and empower the youngsters through performing arts education and production.

In addition to this production, the Faculty of Dance will be organising free workshops on the 29th of April from 10am to 5pm in conjunction with International Dance Day. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute and to underline the cross-cultural and international aspect of this common language – Dance, the Executive Council and the International Dance Committee of ITI have selected five message authors to write a message – one from each of the five UNESCO Regions: Africa (Salia Sanou), the Americas (Marianela Boan), Arab Countries (Georgette Gebara), Asia Pacific (Willy Tsao) and Europe (Ohad Naharin). This is another opportunity and exposure for the students, while reaching out to the other people by giving free space, professional facilitators, and the chance to dance the whole day long!!!

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