Full Circle

“Full Circle” is a fitting name for this event that brings together different bands with their unique styles and sounds, yet all connected by a deep emotional thread. The name represents the cyclical nature of emotions, where we can experience different feelings but always find ourselves coming back to certain themes or ideas.

The name also speaks to the design of the event, with the stage set in the middle of the room, surrounded by the audience, forming a complete circle. This will provide an intimate and immersive experience for the audience. With the performers surrounded by the crowd, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the music, not just a spectator. The lighting is designed to complement the mood of each song, and the sound quality is top-notch, ensuring that every note and every word resonates through your soul.











Organised by: Alternate Plus

Production: BijanFX


Advisory Info

1.  The show is a free-standing event where the audience can select their ideal position based on a first come first serve basis. Those who wish to get a better spot should arrive earlier to secure the best one.

2.  This show only allows audiences aged 7 and above. Everyone required a ticket for admission. Children’s admission is compulsory to be accompanied by an adult.

3.  Each purchase is only exchangeable for 1 entry ticket.

4.  In case of any incident such as power shortage or any safety hazard, please cooperate and obey the commands from the crews and security guards.

5.  Tickets cannot be refunded, exchanged, or cancelled once issued except in the case of event cancellation or postponement.

6.  A confirmation email containing a copy of your ticket will be sent to the email address you provided after the ticket purchasing process succeeds with full payment.

7.  Tickets are sold on behalf of Onetix. Do not purchase tickets from any source other than Onetix or any other authorised agencies for the event. Tickets purchased from any other source may be unauthorised copies and may be refused admittance to the event.

8.  The tickets may be collected by the purchaser and MUST present their NRIC/Passport and Self Print eTickets upon ticket collection. To avoid ticketing fraud, the ticket shall not be resold or offered for sale.

9.  No third-party collection allowed unless Authorization Letter, photocopy of the credit card that made the payment, and credit card holder’s NRIC / passport is issued by the purchaser and presented to Onetix upon ticket collection. Failing to produce any of these documents, Onetix reserves the right not to release the ticket.

10. All tickets are sold by Onetix. All orders are subject to availability and acceptance by Alternate Plus.

Inquiry: +60123227851

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