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ForScene is an first and will be an annual Dance production by Faculty Film Theater and Animation. This production is in conjunction with T.E.S.T and Tiresias Production. The idea is to introduce to all audiences the talented young students who will accomplish their study soon in Theater who able to perform in Traditional dance and contemporary dance through the guidance from all Lecturers in FiTA. The students will show their ability in both form. They have prepared this dances in about 4-5 months and will give the best as possible.

Dear Arts Lovers,

Come and join us at Uitm Puncak Perdana Fita, on the 6,7,8 July 2018 to watch contemporary and traditional dance performance by the theatre department in conjunction with Fita Dance Theater, Tiresias Production, and T.E.S.T.

Venue: Ruang Eksperimental Fita

Ticket: RM25

Student: RM 10

Children bellow 12: RM 5

Come and join us to witness unique ideas, talents, and beautiful dancers/performers…

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