Exchange Talk: Art in the Perspective of Islam

If arts and crafts bring you joy, you really don’t want to miss #ArtsFAS. The Malaysian Craft Council will be hosting Kelantan Exchange 2021 in Kota Bharu from 11-13 November, with several programmes screening virtually including ‘Exchange Talk: Art in the Perspective of Islam’ supported by ArtsFAS. With over 200 of Malaysia’s artisans and featuring work in batik, songket, tenun, silver, ceramic, embroidery and more, Kelantan Exchange is a three-day event celebrating Kelantan’s arts and crafts scene, with exhibitions, performances, workshops and activities for all.

#ArtsFAS, an initiative by Yayasan Hasanah, will be featuring 61 shows honouring Malaysia’s preserved arts from October to December this year. Don’t miss out — head over to now for the full show schedule!

Event Dates


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