Encounter by Amer Ismail

National Art Gallery presents ‘Encounter’ – a solo exhibition by Amer Ismail succeeding ‘Chance’ previously shown in Dubai. The exhibition focuses on the ongoing ‘Time’ series, which uses the lifeof a pen as an anecdote. The lines created are taken on a journey,  circumscribing themselves like elaborate and obsessive drawings to form much larger and more expressive, abstract landscapes. These compositions appear to be delicately woven as if they might unravel. Ismail uses these drawings to document the passing of time, recording every minute of it to be exact; his works are diaries of obsessive journeys that often last for days, weeks, and even months.


The ‘Time’ series was first shown in London, followed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The drawings presented in this exhibition are a culmination of three years of work, conceived in various cities across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Amer Ismail is a New York-born, Malaysian artist based in London.





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