Ellie & The Forbidden Fruit by Tunas Tari


Once upon a time, in an enchanted forest, grew a very strange tree where the fruit is forbidden to all the forest occupants. A curious elephant, prompted by its stubbornness and perhaps some discontentment with being just an elephant, started eating the forbidden fruit. She found herself changing from one strange animal to another, eventually turning into a monster! “Oh dear, oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?!” rues Ellie. Will the regretful elephant find a way to become a real elephant again?

Ellie & The Forbidden Fruit is an adaptation of the book entitled “Gajah Sejati” by Pak Yusof Gajah. For this production, the kids of Tunas Tari will be presenting a dance drama to make the story come to life! Join us as we discover what Ellie the Elephant will do in the end!

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