DiverseCity Kuala Lumpur Arts Festival 2018

The KL International Arts Festival is back! Now in its fourth year, the 2018 edition features an amazingly diverse range of performances that celebrate the senses and conversations to stimulate the mind. Like the host city, the KL International Arts Festival 2018 is a three-dimensional matrix of skill, craft, history and heritage, with angles and curves that are filled with talent, understanding and emotion. This year, see the true colours of the spoken word and be touched by the lilting rhythms of the ancient seruling, rebana and sape. Absorb love, lust, honour, desire and death as you hear the vocabulary of life itself play out in a spectacular dance-drama. Catch the scent of filial piety and be moved. Get a whiff of the woman ogre scorned and be afraid. Savour the conversation at debates and forums on poetry and literature which will explore the human condition and stretch the idea of being in love and in war to an intellectual maximum. Meet and greet eminent poets and writers and illustrators. “We are delighted to present shows which will cater to the combined power of all our senses,” said Datin Sunita Rajakumar, “this is a feast to feed the soul.” The KL International Arts Festival 2018 features 15 new shows.

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