Deva Prasad – Ambrosia Of Odissi

A simple dance sequence – kitatak gadhi ganadha – performed by the dancer must be traced to all the guiding lights in her life. Her parents who showed her the potential residing within. Her first dance teacher who showed her the arduous path of discipline and determination. Her dance guru who opened new vistas to her imagination. Her spiritual guru who illumined her mind. And Divine Grace that continues to inspire her heart, her mind and her actions

Deva Prasad pays tribute to the Odissi guru Deba Prasad Das of Orissa whose unique vision of the dance distinguishes it as a definitive combination of tandava and lasya – the energetic, dynamic strokes of masculine movement and the lyrical, alluring grace of feminine finesse.

Presenting a whole evening of new works of the guru’s prominent disciple Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda.

It also pays tribute to the guiding lights in every dancer’s life. Her loving family and friends who believe deeply in the praiseworthy values of Indian classical dance.

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