Design Link Collective – Artist Edition

We’re excited to announce this year’s first Design Link Collective – Artist Edition (AE) in collaboration with UNKNOWN ASIA (Art Exchange Osaka), featuring 23 invited artists and illustrators who will be exhibiting their artworks and prints at KONCENT Malaysia over 2 days. If you’re an art enthusiast or looking for a talented artist or illustrator for a special project or collaboration, this is one event you should not miss!

On 2 & 3 June, Mr. Takeshi Ishikawa – Executive Committee & Judge of UNKNOWN ASIA will be here to review artists’ portfolios and the selected candidate will be invited to join UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 exhibition in Osaka in September 2018 with a fully sponsored exhibition booth worth JPY80,000 (appx RM2,900.00). The portfolio review will also be opened to the public so if you’d like to show your portfolio to him for review, do bring along some of your works presented either from your tablet or printed folder.
For more information about UNKNOWN ASIA, visit

BONUS!: If you are attending, help us promote this event by sharing it on your timeline and RSVP ‘Going’ on the event page. Show it to us on your phone when you visit on 2 or 3 June and we’ll reward you with a free notebook 😉

*Cash & credit card accepted for purchase of prints & other merchandize
**Free parking on Sat & Sun
***Portfolio review (12pm – 5pm, 2 & 3 June)

Saturday (2 June 2018)
01) “Book of Lai” by Lai Thing Sheng
02) “Danino” by Cheong Jan Fai
03) Inoue Tatsuya
04) Kazel Lim
05) “Kurukynki” by Kyn Goh
06) “Loka Made” by Loka Made Gallery
07) “MiniFanFan” by Eng Gee Fan
08) “Ms Bulat” by Estee
09) “Orkibal” by Azhar Osman
10) “Susanne Low Illustration”
11) Tang Yau Hoong
12) Yion Lim

Sunday (3 June 2018)
01) Chya Chyi
02) “FongRen” by Teo Siang Fong
03) Haris Rashid
04) “heyheyhuman” by Lim Whay Yin
05) “Humana” by Vanissa Foo
06) “I Love Doodle” by Lim Heng Swee
07) Inoue Tatsuya
08) “littleday-drawing” by Jeovine
09) “Manje” by Mariyam Shany Ahmed
10) “Silly Jellie Art” by Ellie Yong
11) “Space Dawg” by Michael Lim
12) Syafiq Hariz

#For the convenience of this event, beverage will be served in only take-away cups.

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