Close Objects

This is Ch’ng Kiah Kean’s second solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur after the first one in year 2012, this time he will showcases his recent “non-architecture” sketches with the theme Close Objects – which are the common objects or small things in his surroundings. He started the series with some botanic / plant sketches four years back and found that the beauty of nature is incomparable by any man-made buildings.

The theme was named “Close Objects” rather than “still life” as the objects that he depicted are not deliberately designed for painting. They are little things which are common to everyone such as: corns bought form the market, dried bamboo roots collected from the seaside, withered trees on the roadside and etc. Beauty is everywhere near you, what you need to do is just observe with your heart. The Exhibition is open for public viewing from 25 May – 9 June, free admission. For more information, please call 03-77856363 or visit FB: Oriental Art & Cultural Center.

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