Changkat’s magical neighbourhood is opening its doors this Christmas eve! 3 pitstops, 5 hosts welcome you with a full swing of curated immersive experience. Move from one pitstop to another for playful workshop, community feasting and a whopping five floors of eclectic art! And…what is Christmas without carols? A spectacular live band performance put together by local Spotify artists with a spectacular three-piece band to warm your toes and heart. Who can you think of to invite to this amazing festival of fun, surprises and love?

Get a full swing of immersive experience! The All Around Pass allows access to all main event activities including workshops, house cocktails, party gears, and exclusivity to picnic mats! 

  • Enjoy eclectic art at UR-MU art museum
  • Entry to main event hall (workshops and booths)
  • Make-A-Kokedama workshop
  • Crocheting workshop
  • Entry to Carols Medley Live Act
  • Access to Glorious Grazing Table feasting
  • Cocktails by Dissolved Solids at Majie Cafe
  • Access to night picnic mats
  • Includes party gears for countdown
  • Entitled to 20% OFF walk-in rooms at MOV Hotel*

Countdown party starts at 1130PM! If you’re thinking of staying at home watching ‘Home Alone’… you now have somewhere to go to! Don’t miss the fun!

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