Carca-Marba — a group exhibition

Core Design Gallery proudly present Platform @ Core 2022 first exhibition, Carca-Marba — a group exhibition showcasing a series of works affected by the recent event of natural disaster revealed through abstracted, observational skills and boundless understanding of the circumstance.

To abbreviate Carca Marba to its simple, quirky meaning is to do it injustice; one of the reasons why Carca Marba is titled like so is because of whatever issues that have arisen in the years during the pandemic until this recent tragedy has demonstrated unruly, hectic situations that could have been prevented if only one avails themselves to do so.

Artists are coping with uncertainties of their unknown future when their revenues once again bore the brunt of it. December 2021 marks the time for them to truly comprehend what was at stake; surviving not only because they had to, but to document a point in their lives that could be detrimental to reflect in the future.
(Extracted from writing of Falil Johari)

This exhibition featured artists;
@mirul_roslan @aimmanhafizal @badrulzzaman.abu @loqmannurhakim @nadzrin_haziq @nazhan_fikri @isaishak00 @putranazri

The show runs starting on the 19th January until 12th February 2022 at #platformatcore by appointment only.

Click on the link in here to see the e-catalogue and full details of the artworks:

To book an appointment or if you require further information please contact them at:

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