CACAMARBA Vol.1 – Short Film Screening

CACAMARBA Vol.1 – Short Film Screening.

Cacamarba is a word that can roughly be translated as chaos, which — in a way — is the thing that all artists have to navigate every single day. From script to screen, the filmmaker’s job involves making a million micro-decisions in order to create sense out of chaos.

In this new series, local filmmakers are invited into the warm intimate space of Lingkar PJ to showcase their films, share their creative process, and talk about their motivations, influences, and ideas behind the work so that we too might be inspired to brave the cacamarba of our own lives.

Line Up
Al Ibrahim – “First Date”
Cardin Phua x Teebai – “Follower”
Cardin Phua – “When Was the Last Time Your D*ck Saw the Sun?”
Teebai – “Ballon”
Yazeid Suhaimi – “Soeurs”
Sherrie Razak – “Menunggu Masa”
Ridhwan Saidi – “Penyiasat Malam”
Laura Low – “Still in Motion”

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