Butoh Talk: The Dance Body: The Convulsion of Existence

Butoh Talk: The Dance Body: The Convulsion of Existence
By Yeow Lai Chee (Butoh Company : Soubi Sha) & Lau Beh Chin (Malaysia contemporary dancer and choreographer)

Moderator: Foo Chiwei

Date: 5 Nov 2017 (Sun) 3pm to 4:30pm
Venue: White Sand Cafe, DPAC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1631967560156826/

The body as a tool of dance is a concept of many dancers. But in Butoh, the dance body is the convulsion of existence (Takashi Morishita 2015). In that sense, the body is not an instrument for the dancers to express their emotions, but a mirror to reflect the existence of life, thus, the body is sacred. Both dancers will be sharing their thoughts on “what is the dance body?”, and how they find the common point from each other respective dance genre.

讲座: 舞蹈之身体:打破、重建、存在的震动
主讲:姚丽洙 (蔷薇舞踏舍) 和 刘佩静 (大马舞蹈与编舞家)
身体是舞蹈的用具是很多舞者坚信的信念。然而,舞踏却认为舞蹈的身体是”存有”的震动!如此看来,在舞踏的世界里,身体不是“被利用“的工具以宣泄舞者的情绪与情感,而是显现生命存有的一面镜子,因此身体是神圣的。除了存有的显现,舞踏之身体也必须出现“打破“重建”的存在,因为这是自然的定律,既是“空无”和“存有”本为一体。 “舞”这个汉字源自“無”,既是無我。一名舞踏手和现代舞者将分享何为舞蹈之身体,以及各自如何从对方的舞种看到交集的吻合点。

ABOUT 10th KL Butoh Festival
The KL Butoh Festival is celebrating its 10th year and has announced an awesome lineup of performances, exhibitions and master classes. The Festival kicks off with a double bill of butoh performances starring a piece “Earth Child” by two senior Butoh masters Koichi Tamano and Hiroko Tamano, “Wooden Face” by NyobaKan and “The Goddess of Mercy” solo by Lee Swee Keong.

Furthermore, the KL Butoh Festival wants to be identified and connected to the city where it is held. The Butoh Festival is presenting a photography exhibition titled “If life likens a river….” by DevLee and a painting exhibition titled “Looking Within: Image Without” by Loh Bok Lai. Performing and presenting during an exhibition is a whole new experience, within the space, installation and performance.

The festival will be held from 3rd to 12th November 2017 at Black Box & White Box, Publika Shopping Mall and 11th Nov 2107 at Take a Shot • Studio Cafe. Ticketing information is posted online on KL Butoh Festival’s Facebook @klbutohfest or by phone at 012 362 2939.

Presented by: NyobaKan
Partners: MAP | PUBLIKA
Supported by: Japan Foundation Asia Center | MyDance Alliance | Citta Yoga |
Aku Café | Take a shot studio café | DPAC | Theatrex | Butoh SOUBI SHA

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