The Godown is proud to be hosting BUKA BUKU. Originated from the Open Books Exhibition, this is an international Book Art exhibition, created by Mary Husted, an independent curator who has been touring this exhibition since 2012 that started in Wales then travelled to the US, Canada, China, Australia, HK and India.

BUKA BUKU will feature 54 local and international artists and will be premiering new digital folding books from 14 artists, including 4 Malaysians.

The focus of BUKA BUKU is the Chinese Folding Book, which has become a unique tool for artists from different cultures to use materials and methodologies that reflect their personal art practice. The works are diverse, each one using distinct materials; with colours, ciphers and images ranging across their surfaces.

In collaboration with @openbooksart
Curated by @lienneloy
Designs by @am.gayle
Exhibition layout by @linghaoarchitects @tey_ks
Supported by @mycreativeventures

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