Break The Bias

#BreakTheBias Art Exhibition is an immersive exhibition in celebration of International Women’s Day! Envision it together with 8 pathfinding artists, and experience their vision of a world free of bias, stereotypes, discrimination, and a celebration of all our individual identities.

Visual Artist: @ardacadabrahh / @lakarumbi / @nabihaiyee / @oliviariferiani / @greyowlz / @pohsin_studio / @artby.jasma / @jemkosmos

Entrance fee: RM8 per entry
Location: @kedai.kl
Venue: @dagbyfilamen
Audio Partners: @martianbackline
Curator: @wearefilamen / @fizah.rahim
In collaboration:

* Strict SOP will be implemented throughout this exhibition.
* No booking required, walk-ins only.
* Only for fully vaccinated visitors.
* QR payments only at gallery entrance.

Event Dates



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