Bave Chamber Choir Season 2 Audition

bave chamber

Bave Chamber Choir Season 2 Audition

We are new born choir that recruiting new members now, all singers and non-singers that love to sing are welcome to chase your dream and improve your singing and vocal skills, here’s some details of choir requirement

Bave Chamber Choir
– Audition needed ( please contact for arrangement) 017-371 5125 ( Yi Man )
– Training and vocal skill provided
– Compete in local and international competitions
– Must be able to commit for every rehearsals
– Rehearsals on every Thursday 8.00.p.m-10.00 p.m

Bave Community Choir
– Non-audition choir
– No experience, no basic, zero background required
– Welcome everyone who love to sings
– Compete in local competition
– Rehearsals on every Friday 8.00 p.m- 10.00 p.m

Contact us : (Tel) 03-7610 0879
(Mobile) 017-291 6160



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