AVA The Simulated B*tch

When Simon—a simple, lonely night guard, purchases ‘AVA’, the latest voice-controlled A.I. assistant device, he gets a little more than be bargained for, in this dark comedy that poses questions about technology and its place in human existence.

After an amusing yet awkward start to setting up the ‘AVA’ device, they immediately make a connection, one between human and machine, and forge a friendship that eventually leads to a dramatic turn in events.

The play is written and directed by Scott McQuaid, with the production taking place during Malaysia’s total lockdown. The show was produced entirely virtually and remotely, with the actors performing isolated in their own homes, under the direction from afar via video call.


PRODUCED BY: Alexandria Tan

PRODUCTION: Pop Up Theatre

CAST: Lok Shi Hoong as Simon
Alexandria Tan as the voice of AVA


PREMIERING: 31st October, 2021 on Pop Up Theatre’s YouTube Channel

[YouTube.com/PopUpTheatre], FREE

Join us for the premiere, or watch/re-watch the show after its initial release at your own leisure.

TIME: 8:30AM New York | 12:30PM London | 8:30PM Kuala Lumpur

RUNNING TIME: 16 Minutes

SHOW RATING: R-rated (Restricted, Under 17 Require Parent or Adult Guardian)

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