PJPAC is excited to welcome back PJPAC’s Program Associate, @handspercussionmalaysia this 7th to 10th
September 2023 at Nero Event Space for their latest production in collaboration with IT Ensemble, Around the World in 80 minutes.
Irama Tanah Air (ITA) will take you Around The World through music. Just like reading a story, music takes you places and paints vivid stories and adventures in your imagination. Allow us to be vour musical storbook and move vou from one chapter to another. From Asia to Scandinavia and South America to the Middle East, we showcase music from countries like China, Japan, India, Peru, Russia, Africa and from Malaysia which includes a composition with Orang Asli origins.
The ITA Ensemble are like an extended family of brothers and sisters. In 80 Minutes, they present a great collection of songs from around the world by their very own powerhouse of musicians, music educators and multi-instrumentalists bonded by their inherent Malaysian heritage.
And the show duration is 80 minutes without intermission.
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