arkologi: gelap

In 2016, Ajim Juxta became the first Malaysian visual artist to win the Young Art Award, a key component of the annual Young Art Taipei art fair in Taiwan, for his artwork Arcology: Convergence. Artemis Art submitted the work as part of our participation in that year’s edition of the art fair, and the award earned Ajim a 3-month long residency at the Yeh Rong Jia Culture & Art Foundation in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

As a gallery whose primary purpose is to promote young and emerging talent, it is a pleasure for Artemis Art to present arkologi: gelap, Ajim Juxta’s fourth solo exhibition. The exhibition is curated by independent curator Sharmin Parameswaran, and further expands the artist’s Arcology series, an ongoing and progressive questioning of the world we live in, presented through the prognostication of a future world our collective past, and experiential present, may possibly lead us towards.

In total, twenty recent works will be exhibited, covering the Arcology, Penghuni Distopia, and Tugu series of drawings and paintings.

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