ARGIC Exhibition 2021

It is time to unveil the artist list for ARGIC Exhibition 2021 in Damansara Heights.

Having been forced by the Covid-19 crisis that cause an unwanted impact on individuals and businesses, Art Realm reopen its fine art gallery with the Art in Community and Exhibition (ARGIC), supported by the National Art Gallery Malaysia (Balai Seni Negara). 30 local artists taking part in this exhibition represent all genres. Among the participants are a movie director, full time artist to disabled artists. Those taking part in this iteration represent the demography of intergenerational Malaysia 🇲🇾, ranging from up-and-comers to established, well-known artists.

ARGIC honours the endurance and tenacity of these local artists to speak to the public through their arts. These are the soul of the local art community, enriching the national heritage, and Malaysians should be inspired and support.

Event Dates


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