Ankur: Under The Kayon Tree

The Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur is proud to present Ankur: Under The Kayon Tree, as part of the Shantanand Festival of Arts 2017.

The Ankur Orchestra/Ensemble will showcase a virtuosic ensemble of multi-ethnic Malaysian homegrown talents in a brand-new presentation of original compositions featuring storytelling, drama and music to share well-loved
Malaysian legends and stories. These stories are our adaptations of the legends of Parameswara, Hang Tuah, Hang Li Po and Mahsuri, artistically directed by Jyotsna Nithyanandan Prakash, a multiple Boh Cameronian Arts Award winner.

The word Ankur comes from the Sanskrit language and means “sprout”. The sprout is an analogy of the various people who came to settle here and how their seeds of culture, language and traditions have “sprouted” from this fertile soil and has now grown into a strong tree with a beautiful amalgamated culture which could be truly
called Malaysian.

In this production, the Kayon tree is based on the mythological Pohon Beringin or Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a mythological concept of a tree that supports and nurtures all forms of life, from the smallest insect to the other creatures that inhabit the forest.

Its roots firmly embedded in the ground, its trunk stands strong, its branches reaching out to embrace new influences and the fruit which it bears, is a result of the beautiful coming together of its surroundings. As Malaysians, we come from different seeds and as trees, we grow in one forest. Join us in our journey of remembering and experiencing Malaysia.


Tickets : Pay-as- you-wish [Available now at the ticketing/ registration
counter at the ground floor of The Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur]

Please contact The Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur at 03-2274 3709 or
[email protected] for further details.

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