ANGGOTA 2 : Re-Member

‘ANGGOTA 2: ReMember’ is the latest performance by Lee Ren Xin, one of Malaysia’s most exciting & thought-provoking dance artists. This new work arises from last year’s award-winning ‘ANGGOTA’ & delves deeper into the questions & themes Ren Xin & collaborators were exploring – this time with a focus on embodiment on a day-to-day level.
In ‘ANGGOTA 2’, Ren Xin works with ‘voice’ as a significant element – the voice from the voice box, as well as the voice of the body (e.g. what this body feels, needs, desires – its agencies, and capacities to decide). This stems from Ren Xin’s personal question why, “as a body-oriented practitioner, my voice is the one part of my body that I could not use. That I felt furthest away from. That I could not feel. That felt so foreign to me.” This inquiry zooms out to consider larger cultural values that are inherited & embodied via the functions of family, education, & dance education – all of which may have a role in shaping the body & silencing the voice.
Recognizing the tension of embodying this disconnectedness, dismemberedness, and the dismissed voices of the body,
‘ANGGOTA 2’ embarks on a journey to remember – to put together once again – this body in present time & space.
Dates & Times:
8.30pm, 22-23 Sep 2023 / 27-30 Sep 2023
3:00pm, 24 Sep 2023 / 1 Oct 2023
° Venue: Five Arts Centre studio, 9th Floor, GMBB KL.
E Tickets: RM50 / RM30 (students, seniors, people with disabilities)
*Note: Limited Capacity (40 pax per show only).

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