An Adventure Like No Other : Alice in Wonderland & Pinocchio

Are you ready for ‘An Adventure Like No Other’? Then come and see a whimsical play that combines two classic stories: Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio. This delightful production features an all-child cast, aged 5 to 10, who will take you on a journey through a world of fantasy and adventure.

Presented by THE STORY BOOK Academy, this enchanting play brings to life the unforgettable characters of Alice and Pinocchio, as they embark on a quest to discover the truth about themselves and the world around them. Along the way, they encounter many colourful and quirky characters, such as the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and naughty kids who turned into donkeys in Pinocchio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the play and give the young actors your full support as they bring you on ‘An Adventure Like No Other’.

Cast & Creative Info

Presented and produced by THE STORY BOOK Academy.

Cast of Alice in Wonderland: Ji Kate as Alice, Japsohela as Mad Hatter and Red Queen, Lucas as White Rabbit, Dahlia as Cheshire Cat, Zeeya as Caterpillar, Angel as March Hare and gardener, Anjanaa as Tweedledum, Nawra as Tweedledee, Chloe as Dodo bird and gardener, Ellerbee and Rochelle as soldiers. Story narrated by Noralyn Abdul Salam

Cast of Pinocchio: Aryan as Pinocchio, Tyler as Geppetto and Stromboli, Shua as Jiminy Cricket, Dashwin as Honest John the fox, Zarya as Gideon the cat, Hani as Coachman, Anna as Blue Fairy, Armani as Pinocchio’s friend. Story narrated by Noralyn Abdul Salam.

Advisory Info

  1. Children above age 3 are subject to the same ticket pricing.
  2. Theatre doors will be closed at 3.30pm sharp.
  3. Tickets are sold by Onetix and cannot be refunded, exchanged or cancelled once issued except event cancellation or postponement.

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