AMELI RATE – Sustainable & Environemental | Arts Assemble

Galeri Prima is organising AMELIORATE exhibition under its Sustainable & Environmental Arts Assemble campaign. The exhibition runs from 21 October until 23 November, Feel free to come !

About Galeri Prima

Founded in 1994, the NSTP ART Gallery is considered as one of the renowned public galleries in Bangsar. It owns some of the finest collections of art and has featured over 6,000 works of art from all genres.

The gallery moved to a newly transformed building in 2016 and has been renamed Galeri Prima.
Galeri Prima now plays a vital role in promoting the creative arts scene. It offers a spacious space which can accommodate more creative works concurrently.
Its modern look and exclusive location make it one of the prime choices for art lovers and auctioneers.
The gallery is open to public from Mondays – Fridays, 10am – 6pm. Admission is free.
It is opened on Saturday and Sunday by appointment only for private viewing.

For enquiries:
0135608467 (Sharlene)
0109293356 (Burhan)



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