Alena Murang ‘Sky Songs’ Live in Kuala Lumpur


“Sky Songs” breathes new ethnic-pop life into the ancestral songs that her longhouse-dwelling grand aunties have passed down to her, it’s a blend of dreamy, lullaby-like vocals over a base of world music”

– South China Morning Post.


“Alena Murang’s songs evoke both the mystery of a faraway people and instant identification with their reverence for the sky”

– World Listening Post


Famed as a sape’ songstress, Alena sings in the endangered Kenyah and Kelabit languages and is the first woman to professionally play the lute instrument of the highland tribes of Borneo. Alena has carried the enchanting sounds of the sape’ to over 20 countries, from Iceland to Australia to Thailand to the USA.

With sold out concerts in Sarawak and Taipei, Alena Murang takes flight in KL. Sky Songs, the show, is named after Alena Murang’s second album, her songs inspired by elements of the sky – the thunder, rain, the sun, the morning mist, the stars, the moon; and contemplates how all of nature interacts.


Cast & Creative Info


Alena Murang – sape’ & vocals

Sara Heng – guzheng

Joshua Maran – drums & backing vocals

Simmy – keyboard, tin whistle & backing vocals

Jonathan Wong Ketshin – guitar & backing vocals

Fook – bass guitar

Visuals by OtherHalf Studio

Produced by Kanid Studio & PJPAC


Advisory Info

1. Children below the age of 3 are not allowed. 

2. Show starts at 8.30pm and strictly NO Late Comers will be permitted after doors are closed. Doors open at 7:30pm.  

3. Flash photography is not allowed.

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