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Plays old songs from the Kenyah and Kelabit tribes of Borneo in a way that is relevant to todays listeners. She has recently played at Georgetown Festival, Rainforest World Music Festival, and TEDxKL. | IG: @alenamurang_art : FB:


Who am I ? …. Who is Niko… Such a good question, well let me try to introduce myself to you.

Hi ! Bonjour! Komen i lé! I’m Niko aka Travelinmelody.�I m flutist but I play a lot of instruments also with passion.�I could spend time telling you all what I did, all my diploma, who I played with but this part of myself belong to my ancien life where I was believing in career and success.

« Really? » will you say… Yes.
I was few years ago in the « career mode », trying to make my name be famous like almost all professional musicians, trying to find my place in that competitive world. But life pushed me to an extreme and I decided to leave everything behind.
I selled all my stuff, just keeping a bag, my flute and a camera and took a ticket without return to discover the world and feed my soul.

I first jumped to Sarawak. Well, I didn’t even knew where it was but I had a friend there invited me to come and stay for a while which I did. And this was the beginning of this long journey of mine. How could I have expected to be where I am right now?
I have climb mountains, walk in jungles, see dangerous and fascinating creatures, I sat at a King table and found new families, I cried and laugh, broke some bones and healed myself everyday a little more by meeting some amazing people and musicians/artists on my way, I started parkour with the Yamakasi, trained with an amazing Sifu white Crane Kungfu and many other martial art masters, I spent hours in planes and my eyes opened step after step to this amazing world where we live in.
My journey seems to have started for real and believe me, when you don’t expect anything everything comes to you and you ‘ll never stop being surprised.

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