Abhyasana Odissi Workshop

A rare opportunity for dancers and dance students to review, refresh and revitalise their dance study and experience of the unique Odissi style of Guru Deba Prasad Das with his pre eminent disciple Guru Dr Gajendra Kumar Panda and Malaysia’s Geetha Shankaran-Lam.

STUDY & LEARN the powerful traits and alluring subtleties characteristic of Guru Deba Prasad Das style.

Guru Gajendra’s expertise lies in his ability to transform the student’s mind during class, using his personal method that is imbued with positive energy and simplicity.


with Orissan musicians
Monday 13th April
10.30 am – 1.00 pm
Entry Fee: RM30
Free Admission for holders of Deva Prasad Ambrosia of Odissi Invites with Code: M101520

#1 REPERTORY ONE – Adanced Level
Morning sessions (14th – 18th)
5 days x 4 hours daily
Intense study of ONE dance item with Guruji.
Fee: RM500

#2 REPERTORY TWO – Advanced Level
Morning/Afternoon sessions (14th – 18th)
5 days x 6 hours daily
Intense study of TWO dance items with Guruji
Fee: RM1000

#3 GROUP CLASS – Intro / Beginner Level
Evening sessions (14th – 18th)
5 days x 1.5 hours daily
Fee: RM400

Evening sessions (14th – 18th)
1.5 hours
Fee: RM80

Only after audition/interview for advanced student.

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