AADYA- Invoking The Goddess Supreme


AADYA- Invoking The Goddess Supreme –

Celebrating 25 years of artistic excellence,
Suvarna Fine Arts

A Bharatanatyam dance feature

Invoking the Goddess Supreme

AADYA is the primordial being and the Supreme Goddess from which all the myriad manifestations of goddesses emanate from.
She is the entity that creates,sustains and dissolves the universe.
Through references from the verses of the Devi Mahatmyam ,Puranas,music and dance, we celebrate AADYA the principal feminine energy of the cosmos.

Artistic direction & Choreography: Ajith Bhaskar

Music Composition & Direction: Achyuthan Sashidaran Nair

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Silk Cotton Cottage

Co-sponsored by
Damaru Creations

For information contact:
Narayana Murthi Davamani – 016 9644941 / Jegadeeswari Vijayakumar – 016 2520063

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