A Place With No Sand

Embark on a contemplative journey into “A Place with No Sand,” by Genevieve Ang, curated by Shireen Marican.

Witness the enchantment of glass sand, presented not as a mere showcase of its luminous beauty, but as a mirror reflecting our profound ability to reshape the world around us. This substance, holds a radiant allure that outshines its natural counterpart found on our shores.

Yet, this exhibit transcends aesthetics. It invites us to envision a future where the familiar texture of natural sand becomes a distant memory. Glass sand, born from our consumption and transformation of raw materials, emerges as a surrogate for the depleted landscapes we might face. It speaks of irreversible processes, a key narrative in the Anthropocene epoch, where our actions leave lasting imprints on the planet.

Join us from March 1-10, 2024, at Art Outreach, as we ponder the implications of our material transformations and contemplate a world where the absence of natural sand challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the environment. 🪞


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