“A Life Of Water” Handpan Concert





这次参与的单位来自觉奏感打击乐团的全体乐手9位,以及本地著名水彩画大师杨六南老师现场挥毫,为观众带来视觉的饕餮盛宴。同时,来自柔佛州笨珍的Xiapism,由林明志(Beng Lim)和黄素慧(Jo Wong)夫妻领衔,资深裁缝师媽媽林秋玉为表演者设计服装,为音乐会增添了独特的时尚魅力。




“A Life Of Water” Handpan Music Concert

“Water is the essence of life, shared by all things. Its cycles resonate with humans, dancing with water, and walking alongside life.”

“This is a music concert primarily featuring handpan percussion instruments, exploring the relationship between water and the natural environment through the music, with a duration of approximately one hour. The concert also involves professionals from the fields of painting artist and fashion brands working together.”

Tickets are set at RM100 per ticket. The maximum number of spectators on site is 50ppls per show.

This concert brings together a dual artistic spectacle, featuring the renowned local watercolor master, Teacher Yong Look Nam, creating live art on the canvas for a visual feast. Additionally, all the way from Johor’s Pontian, we have Xiapism, led by the husband and wife duo of Beng Lim and Jo Wong, with the seasoned tailor, Mama Lim Chu Yok, designing costumes for the performers. This fusion of art and music promises to be a night of unique style and visual enchantment.

Through the beautiful sounds of handpan percussion instrument , we hope to offer the public a peaceful moment amidst the hustle and bustle of life. It also allows people to experience the sound of handpan up close and know more about this instrument.
This will be a night of art and music that will captivate you.
Let’s together feel the water of life and continue the eternal melody.”

日期Date:8,9,10 Dec 2023
地点Venue:Studio Ramli Hassan
票价Ticket : RM100
购票鏈接 Link:https://forms.gle/otqKJeAqGp6TyVbt5
联系Contact:016-640 0764(Carmen)

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