Connect&Disconnect Exhibition

Wan Sariah

Bags are a staple of a woman’s wardrobe-some prefer branded accessories, others buy something more functional. Whatever your reason- bags are personal. I used to buy branded bags, not only because they looked good but to also feel connected to my peers- to be accepted into a world where people look up to you because of fashion envy. As I grew older, I felt disconnected from my superficial environment and became a recluse. Now I use a backpack to carry everything I need; not giving a second’s thought  to whether I look good carrying it.


Lisa Wong

Kuala Lumpur. Once overgrown plantation land and dense jungle, much of our greenery has been razed down and replaced with high rises and parking lots. That is not to say, however, that despite these facts that there are sections where nature reclaims what was once part of her. Whats started as an attempt to tackle issues of deforestation morphed into something more nebulous and abstract as I developed my work. Within me, the paintings mirrored the effect of dense overgrowth taking over abandoned developments, enveloping them like a spider to its prey. The more psyche became the disconnection from the work. However, the foliage overwhelming the canvas became the connection to the thought of countering deforestation. While the head-on approach to politicising art may have not materialised. I have founf that suffocating the canvas with vegetation is my antidote to all that may destroy our forests.


Reena Kochar

An individual’s psychological wellbeing depends on the ability to interact or connect meaningfully with another person. It is a physical, emotional and quintessential part of our being. Secure relationships create the foundation for the structure of society. Interaction with another -communication, presence and bonding are crucial for emotiomal growth. However, the fluidity of any relationship is never constant and proximity to one another does not dictate a true connection. My two sculptures, ‘Femme I’ and ‘Femme II’, have been positioned close to each other. While their nearness does imply some form of attachment, their back-to- back placement reveals their discontent and disconnect.




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