The Color of Voices

Presented by: DPAC
Strategic Partner: Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)
What we see through our eyes we call “colour”. But can the music we hear be attributed as “colours” as well?
Colour of Voices is an a capella group with members made up of diverse races from Malaysia. They are from different cultural backgrounds and speak three different languages, but rather than make these differences a barrier, Colour of Voices embodies the spirit of unity through music.
This coming Malaysia Day, Colour of Voices will bring their first a capella concert to Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC). With voice as their only instrument, they give a unique spin to music familiar to all Malaysians. According to them, “We are not only learning a new language, but also embracing the beauty of its culture and tradition. Hence, it makes us proud to have been brought up in Malaysia, the land with multiple races and cultural diversity.” 
As Malaysians, how can we possibly miss Colour of Voices’ first ever concert? 
Beatboxer | Group Leader | Producer : Tux
Soprano | Vocal Coach         : Kru | Krutika Muralidharan
Bassist | Arranger         : Shark | Jaswan Abdullah
Baritone | Vocalist         : Joe | Juhairee Khan
Tenor 1 | Vocalist              : Asnal | Asnal Nashriq Bin Khirrudin
Tenor 2 | Vocalist         : Ikhwan | Mohammad Ikhwan Shah


12th September 2020 (Sat), 8.00 PM (LIVE BROADCAST)
13th September 2020 (Sun), 3.00 PM (LIVE STREAM & STAGE PERFORMANCE)

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