10th KL Butoh Fest

The 10th KL Butoh Festival, formerly known as Nyoba Kan Butoh Festival, pulls together practitioners of different backgrounds from theatre, dance, music, design, installation art, to video art. An art form blends into another to transform its potential and to accelerate its capacity to create meaning, experience and idea.

The KL Butoh Festival wants to be identified and connected to the city where it is held. This is the first time the Butoh Festival is presenting a photo and painting exhibition. Photograher and painter, working together not only exchange dance techniques, but also cross borders and collaborate in different roles to create one portrait, for example, paint, photograph, sculpt, dance, etc. Performing and presenting during an exhibition is a whole new experience, within the space, installation and performance.Thus, this year we plan to invite a senior Butoh master Koichi Tamano and Hiroko y Koichi Tamano for performance and to run workshop.

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