Trade, Ties, and Transformation: Stories on Textile and Modernity Symposium

Supriya Roy, Tagore Scholar from Kolkata, India gives us an account of Rabindranath Tagore’s encounter with Javanese batik and the subsequent spread of modern batik textile in India. During Rabindranath Tagore’s 1927 visit to Java and Bali, he recognised a Hindu culture that was perceived to have derived from India’s ancient civilisation. At the same time, Tagore and his companions were presented with many batik textiles, which forms the collection of the Nandan Museum today. These very textiles inspired the art of batik in Santiketan, where it became the centre of a revival of a modern batik textile tradition that spread all over India. Featuring Maria Wronska-Friend.

Part of the Trade, Ties, and Transformation symposium held on May 14 2016 at ILHAM Gallery with an introduction of the symposium by Simon Soon and Rahel Joseph.

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The high resolution and uncompressed version of this video can also be viewed and obtained at ILHAM Gallery’s public resource centre.


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