Hidup, Ketaksamaan dan Teater

Damansara Performing Arts Centre
/ 5
Khamis malam lepas aku dijemput untuk menghadiri pra-tonton teater IQ.Rock terbitan Anomalist Production. Teater IQ.Rock akan dipentaskan bermula esok malam di DPAC (Damansara Performing Arts Centre). Sepanjang 4 hari, teater akan dipentaskan sebanyak 6 kali – 2...

Third Time’s Not Always A Charm

Third Time’s Not Always A Charm
/ 5
If you haven’t heard of Teater Modular, you must have not been around the theatre scene this past year. If you haven’t catch any of the three Teater Modular, then you have been missing out on the most neoteric entry to the Malay theatre scene, and to contemporary theatre as a w...

Version 2020: Losing Sight

Kotak @ Five Arts Centre
/ 5
Recently I caught Version 2020, a generative play about Vision 2020 at Five Arts Centre’s TTDI black box. It is a play that looks back to Vision 2020 and attempts to suggest alternate versions of Malaysia’s future. Directed by Mark Teh, Version 2020 is part of The Complete Futures of Malaysia, a...

The Cruelty and Absurdity of ‘Losertown’

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
/ 5
There is clutter everywhere. The dark foyer and the performance space are decorated with dim fairy lights. There are scribbled papers on the walls, a rack full of clothes and a mattress. A live band blasts music in the background while the audience squeeze their way to the seats. The experience is c...

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