(Overall view of dance scene in Malaysia)

Dikir Through The Lenses by ASK Dance Company

Inspired by dikir barat, a traditional folk song and dance from Kelantan, which uses repeated phrases of movements while telling a story. The nature of life is repetitious, a cycle that continues incessantly – until it ends.


Hymns of The Abandoned by ASK Dance Company

A dance film, presented by ASK Dance Company, as part of The Distance Project


Gerak Angin: The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival 2020

Brought to you by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Gerak Angin, The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival, organised by Masakini Theatre, Sutra Foundation and Surprise Ventures, will showcase the insightful works of local artistes to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.


大马薪传 Anak Malaysia (2009) | By 共享空间舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre

Dua Space Dance Theatre presented ‘Anak Malaysia’ in 2009, depicting the story of the ancestors of Chinese community came to Tanah Melayu and made this land their home. In celebration of National Day 2020, Dua Space would like to share this meaningful performance that combines local musicians, choreographers, dancers, singers and actors.



EMBRACE, Then & Now

Sutra Foundation goes through their archives, and reflects on their past productions, their processes involved and more.


Datun Julud Hornbill Dance Tutorial

Alena Murang teaches “datun julud” or ‘long dance’ in the Kenyah language. It is traditionally danced by a group of ladies on ceremonious occasions, by the Orang Ulu people of Borneo.


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