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<35> tells a story of a single man who is aged at 35 who lives with depression. He locks himself in a closet and willingly emerging himself in the closet with no interruption. He takes his lonely time in the dark. However, his nightmare appears and again he is brought back to the tunnel of memories and to face the real world.Most importantly, to face himself as a human. He thought he could happily encounters all circumstances with his belief that his mother taught when he was young. The world is just not going in his way. He is forced to make changes to his attitude and way of thinking in order for him to live well in this materialistic world. The world is killing him. He keeps asking WHY and there’s no answer to his questions of life. He lost his faith. He decides to end his life. At this moment, his closet friend- a bear appears in the closet. His late and beloved grandfather too hold his hand and gives him a warm hug. Just like his beautiful moments with grandfather before he died.


Presenter: Jig & Giggle Production

Executive Producer: Suli, Chong Hong
Artistic Director: William Yap
Director: William Yap
Writer: William Yap
Live music & Vocal Director: Vale Wong
Cast: Amelia Tan, Fai Chen, Gabriel Loh, Ruby Yap, Tammy Yee

Venue: Pentas 2, klpac


March 23 – 24 @ 8.30pm

March 25 @ 3.30pm, 8.30pm

March 26 @ 12pm, 3.30pm, 8.30pm

Tickets: RM 68

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Pentas 2, klpac
The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Sentul Park Jalan Strachan (off Jalan Ipoh) 51100 Kuala Lumpur.
Ticket Fee


23 Mar 2017 until 26 Mar 2017
12:00 am

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