Tide Arts・Opera Dream 2019

This is the second year for student performance, and we have additional new faces. This year we had grow the spirit of inheritance , and we have attractive performances such as famous short scene from Justice Bao, Zhao Shao Qing, and china famous legendary story Journey to the west .

The art of opera must keep on in order to keep it alive to bring it down from generation to next generation. As time changed, Teochew opera have to move forward with all form of arts, lets us bring you to the new staging of performance to draw you closer to understand more about the beauty of Teochew Opera.


Adults RM45

TAS Card Holders RM35

Students & OKU Card Holders RM25

Free Seating


6 years old and above. Entry with VALID ticket.


In Teochew, subtitles in English

Event Dates

Show Times



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