The Swordfish, Then The Concubine 劍魚◉妾

The Swordfish, Then The Concubine 劍魚◉妾

In Mandarin with English Surtitles

10th ~ 12th March 2022 @ 8:30pm
12th ~ 13th March 2022 @ 3pm

at Pentas 2, klpac

Playwright | Kee Thuan Chye 紀傳財
Director | Loh Kok Man 羅國文
Producer |  Pam Lim 林偉彬
Production Manager | John Wong 黃永益
Cast : 蔡德耀 Yeo Lyle、鄧繡金 Thian Siew Kim、 邱蘊能 Niko Hugh、 詹莉寧 Valerie Chian、余秋坪 Tammy Yee、 黃商權 Eugene Ng、 劉文捷 Jet Lew、 周順興 Boyz Chew Soon Heng、廖世儀 Zyee Leow Sze Yee
Live Music | Orang Orang Drum Theatre 人人人鼓劇場
Animation | Fairuz Sulaiman
Costume Design | Michell Yong Soo Fon 楊淑棻
Light & Set Design | Loh Kok Man 羅國文
Choreography | Kathyn Tan Chai Chen 陳柯杏

Ticket : RM150 (VIP), RM68 (Adult), RM48 (Student, Senior & Disabled)
RM58 (Early Bird before 23/1/2022), RM240 (Group of 4)

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Inquiry : +6010-3897782(WhatsApp)

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The Lion City is attacked by swordfish. Warriors are getting killed one after another.
A little boy comes up with a plan that ends the disaster. Yet, he is rewarded with death.
A new king rules the Lion City. In order to marry the beautiful daughter of a minister, he promises reform and to pardon the innocent.
However, the queen becomes jealous. And the concubine is framed and then sentenced to a torturous death.
Human disasters befall the Lion City. An ancient covenant has been broken.
As the kingdom plummets to its destruction, do the paths chosen by the king and by the people still align?The story of The Swordfish, Then the Concubine is based on that of the classical Malay literature work Sejarah Melayu. Attacks by swordfish, feudal obeisance, punishment by impalement and war … the play is full of historical and mythological elements. Playwright Kee Thuan Chye also alludes to contemporary social predicaments, political games and “secret codes”. This story transcends time and space, merges reality and parable, and chronicles the inseparable fate that binds rulers and subjects.

In 2016, ten years since its founding, Pentas Project undertook and translated the text of The Swordfish, Then the Concubine into Mandarin, and premiered the show in Malaysia. For its exploration of local cultural diversity and its showcasing of innovative performance aesthetics, the show garnered positive response.

Over time, however, even a myth of long ago can undergo evolution. Now, five years since its Chinese premiere in Malaysia, the play has been revised by Kee Thuan Chye and director Loh Kok Man has painted his production with fresh colours. Using puppets, masks and animation as part of the language of his theatre, and incorporating traditional elements like the Malay folk song ‘Ulek Mayang’, Pentas Project recreates this renowned play and presents a work of art that is full of imagination and is relevant to all Malaysians.

王朝覆滅之際,國王與人民所選擇的道路,是否還能相合?《劍魚◉妾》故事取材自馬來古典文學作品《馬來紀年》(Sejarah Melayu)。劍魚的襲擊、領土的利益糾葛;服從與忍耐、審判與戰爭——除了包含原有的歷史與神話元素,劇作家紀傳財也融入了當代社會困境、政治博弈的「密語」,故事已不受時空限制,連接了現實與寓言,講述在位者與民間不可分割的命運糾葛。

2016 年,平台計劃創團第十年,承接並翻譯The Swordfish, Then the Concubine 劇作文本,中文版《劍魚◉妾》在馬演出。懷著探索本土多元文化、開創表演美學的初心,也因此獲得了巨大的迴響。

人心牽動王朝興衰的敘事,遙遠的神話已歷經蛻變。暌違5 年,導演羅國文再次修訂,平台計劃重製極具口碑的劇作,用偶、面具組成戲劇語言,以馬來傳統民謠《Ulek Mayang》、皮影動畫串合故事,希望再次呈現想像力豐富、屬於馬來西亞人的民間傳奇。

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