Online Shakespeare Demystified: KING LEAR
This year, 2021 marks KL Shakespeare Players’ 10th anniversary. The pandemic will not stop us from presenting our annual offering of a Shakespeare play, albeit online.
The show is interactive. We have moments when we invite the audience to come onto the virtual stage, to discuss and comment on what they see.
This is not a show to watch with your camera off and be distracted by other things.
Still keeping to the format of our Shakespeare Demystified series, we will present canonical scenes and speeches from the play in the original text, all knit together by narration in contemporary English. The audience without any prior knowledge of the play or even Shakespeare will, at the end of the show, know the main plot, key characters and important themes. While those who know the play will find this a refreshing way of bringing Shakespeare online.
Dates & Times:
25, 26 & 28 May 2021
27 May 2021
(Additional shows may be added upon request)
RM30 standard
RM600 group (for groups watching via one login)
King Lear, the ageing ruler of England, divides his kingdom among his three daughters. He does so through a frivolous test, but the outcome catches him off guard. From there, his life spirals downhill.
Meanwhile, Edmund, an ambitious young man, and bastard son of Gloucester do everything he can to become the next king of England. Everything seems to work in his favour.
How will the play end when these lives eventually cross paths?
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Event Dates

From 25th May 2021 to 28th May 2021

Performance Date & Time

25 th May (Tue) 11:00 am
26 th May (Wed) 11:00 am
27 th May (Thu) 3:00 pm
28 th May (Fri) 11:00 am


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