IF ONLY / もし・でも

After staging Sorry I Get Sentimental When We Drive, a short experimental play which took place in a moving Myvi, emerging director Murasaki Haru returns with another daring mission: to put up his first full-length devised production. Howls Theatre Co. presents If Only, a 55-minute experimental devised play exploring what we feel of the thought itself — the texts, stills, colours, & forms that stems from this sense of yearning, impulse, regret and vindication. Featuring local thespians Tin Raman, Wendy Wong and Dexter Zhen. Lights designed by Sans Collective’s Bryan Chang.
If Only will play in Sunway College’s Rooftop Theatre, presented in collaboration with Sunway University’s Department of Film & Performing Arts. Tickets are RM40 flat. Performances run December 14 – 18, 2022.

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