Fiction Writing Course (12-Week Intensive Workshop)
This Fiction Writing Course is an intensive graduate-level programme for adults which spans 12 weeks (almost 3 months).
The Course is for fiction writing beginners & intermediate writers, ie people who are just starting out in fiction writing or have been trying to get published internationally for a while. Participants must have a firm grasp of writing in English, with the basics of grammar and sentence structure, and an interest in reading English literature.
The course will be conducted entirely in English, with reference materials in English.
Through this course, you will experience the group workshop technique (utilized in International Writing Conferences and Master of Fine Arts programs) and Critical Story Analysis for developing the skill of dissecting and reverse engineering exemplary literature, so that it can form a basis for your own creative development.
Hone the fiction writing talent you have been dabbling with for a while. Learn the fundamentals of crafting a good story, from inspiration through to submission for publication, while developing your own writing voice and improving your storytelling technique, guided by literary examples of acclaimed novels and short stories. Get industry tips and know-how from the experienced writer(s).
Class Details
Date: Every Saturday (12 weeks)
Time: 9am-1pm
Location: Petaling Jaya, Centrestage Campus
Maximum 8 participants
Course Fee
RM2,000 (50% payable upfront, and the rest monthly; RM200 discount if fees settled in full upon signup)
Class Format
Lectures with notes provided, writing exercises with guidance and feedback, story analysis, peer workshop critique, and weekly homework.
Email: [email protected]
Phone/Whatsapp: 016-2084839 or 03-79321655
Message: FB Messenger to our page
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1. Course Overview
2. Introduction to Industry Terminology
3. Plot & Story-Building
4. Conflict in Fiction
5. Theme, Settings & World Building
6. Writing Real & Relatable Characters
7. Writing Believable Dialogue
8. Grammar & Common Language Mistakes: Tenses, Adjectives & Adverbs, Active vs Passive, Choice of Words
9. Literary Devices: Imagery, Contrast, Paradox, Hyperbole, Juxtaposition, Metaphor, Similes, Symbolism, Foreshadowing, Backstory, Epiphany etc.
10. Writing “Rules”: Show Don’t Tell, Emotive Writing, Great Openings/Start with a Bang, Write What You Know, Don’t Distract the Reader, Info Dump, Clichés
11. Reading Skills & Reading Like A Writer: Story Analyses & Dissecting Writing Choices
12. Short Story vs Novel Writing
13. Editing your Writing: Big Picture till Line Editing
14. Writers' Circle, Workshop & Critique Techniques
15. Developing Your Individual “Voice” & Writing Style
16. The Legal Aspect of Publishing - Copyright & Contract: protecting your creative work and avoiding legal problems
17. Writing Professionalism:
- Publishing Industry Knowhow (Traditional, Self-Publishing & Vanity Press: Concepts & Processes), Tips & Tricks
- Common Mistakes in Writing & Publishing
- Literary Agents
- Establishing a Routine & Staying Motivated
- Weathering Writing Blocks & Time Management
About the Course Facilitator
Civil litigation lawyer turned writer/actor/vocalist, Tina Isaacs has published numerous short stories, including achieving Runner-Up for the DK Dutt Memorial Award for Literary Excellence 2015 and being featured in the Short Story Collection of 2015 SciFi Film Festival in Parramatta, Australia. Recent publications include “Last Farewell” in Fixi Novo’s 2020 anthology using experimental writing techniques, an erotic horror story “Pontianak” in the international anthology “Under Her Black Wings: Women Monsters” and a multi-POV story “Confluence” in Anak Sastra literary magazine.
This arts education activist is the founder of the online Malaysian Writers Community (est. 2014) and Society (est. 2016), which helps over 7,500 writers, poets, editors, bloggers and literary translators from Malaysia by providing advocacy and support in their craft development and publishing activities.
Tina also served as Editor for the Malaysian Bar magazine Praxis (2010-2013) and was an Acquisitions Editor at the Malaysian branch of an international publishing house (2016-2018).
With qualifications in Law and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction), Tina is presently working on various novels and short stories. Find out more at

Event Dates

From 17th April 2021 to 3rd July 2021


Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


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