Art Jamming

A paint-at-your-own-pace artistic experience under the care and guidance from our friendly art facilitator in this hidden art studio, an unique seksan-inspired architecture offering a serene art bonding with your family or friends. Suitable for beginner or first timer, its a small art jam group with max of 6 pax. This isn’t your typical art studio with tuition-like classes and workshops, its more of an expressionism art jam where you can paint anything you like with no restriction on what to paint, everyone paint different thing during the session with your own reference for instance some with like to paint scenery, portrait or floral. This 3 hours session will includes material introduction, basic sketching, color study, layering and step-by-step guidance on how to paint. You’ll mix art, fun and lots of bonding time with like-minded artsy individuals through these art jamming session!

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