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I am 23 years old, coming to 24 end of this year. I originally come from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and now currently staying in Kuala Lumpur for the whole month of March as after that I will  be traveling to USA (and around the world to be exact) for my new career as a stage emcee cum entertainer on a ship cruise.

Since I have a month time to spend in Kuala Lumpur, I would love it if I were given the opportunity to work in this entertainment industry for a few weeks before I leave rather than just not doing anything at home.

Before coming over to Kuala Lumpur, I was an English Radio Announcer for a radio campus called RadioKKFM back in Kota Kinabalu. I also worked with RTM Sabah as their compere in some of their programmes especially for Astro TVi Channel. As for what I usually do publicly and actually love doing, is stage hosting! I’ve hosted some of the events in Sabah and Sarawak namely Sunset Music Fest, Oktoberfest, Carlsberg Diamond Idol and etc.

Personality wise, I would say that I am a very energetic and bubbly girl. Also, I am the type of girl that is up for any challenge. Yeah, I am that strong :)



Actor / Actress Singer Model Voice Talent Extra 


Stage Manager Costume Production Manager 

Technical / Backstage

Behind the scenes Theater Usher 

Other Talent Skills
Stage emcee, hosting


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: Female
: 31-Dec-1990
: Chinese mix Kadazan

Vital Stats

: 153 cm
: 50 kg
: 27 inches
Shoe Size
: 5 UK Size
T-shirt / Top
: S

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