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Arts Exchange
This is an initiative that works alongside the National Department for Culture and Arts as well as PEMANDU, in recognition of the utmost importance in driving new Malaysian content and talent develo...
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BOH Cameronian Arts Awards
The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (affectionately known in the industry as the Cammies) celebrates outstanding performances in dance, music, theatre and musical theatre performed in the previous year. Fo...
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KakiSENI Festival
From 22nd April to 1st May, we’ll be hosting the KakiSENI Festival 2013: featuring performing arts showcases (busking, street parades, theatre, dance, and music); visual art installations; for...
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Kakiseni Grants
With the support of the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) under the National Creative Industry Policy (DIKN), Kakiseni is pleased to announce the availability of grants and programmes ...
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Urbanscapes 2012
Kakiseni is back in Urbanscapes this year, with bigger and better things in store for everyone. For one thing, there will be a series of workshops offered to anyone (and we mean anyone) interested i...
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Women 100 2011
Kakiseni kicked off with Women:100, 100 hours of performing arts in conjunction with the 100th year celebration of International Women's Day falling on 8 March 2011. ...
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About Us

At Kakiseni, it's about believing that good things should be shared. We are convinced more people should have access to the performing arts and we are certain that when people get together to have the same conversation, it makes for an enriching experience.

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