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The event will be held in a private home in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

P.S. Bring your own food (snacks or whatever) and drinks (BYO anything) to enliven the session!

In our second ‘Reading Art’ session, we explore the inter-connected geographies of art production through a short text by Peter Sloterdijk and a lecture performance ‘Solar: A Meltdown’ by Ho Rui An. With Sloterdijk’s notion of the “world interior of capital” and Ho’s metaphor of the “global domestic”, we consider exhibition spectacles (such as contemporary art biennales and blockbuster exhibitions) as apparatuses that operate on the logic of imperial discourse.

As Ho and Sloterdijk note, the psychoanalytic drive behind colonialism, globalisation and capitalism stems from the effect of space on human evolution and history: for Ho, this is manifested in the figure of the ‘Solar Queen’ who rebuilds the domesticity of the metropole in the colonised world, while for Sloterdijk the female body provides an embryonic interior for the progeny within her womb.

First, we hope to discuss the maternal trope deployed by Rui An and Sloterdijk and the implications in the use of such gendered imagery in discursive practices throughout history. Second, the reading group is also interested in reworking the idea of domestic spaces to critique the use of galleries/museums, residencies, cultural exchange platforms as interior spaces of art and to explore how this mode of exhibition/exposition is complicit in producing a condition of ‘globality’ that is colonial and capitalist, in spite of claims to the contrary. Third, we speculate on possible configurations of the global that can circumvent the ‘global domestic’, signposting frameworks or artistic/curatorial practices that disrupt the homogeneity of present day institutions of art.


We are a group of people in Kuala Lumpur interested in art history and visual culture as well as the theories that help us make sense of these fields of study. Although writings on art can be challenging, we see the value in keeping an open mind and asking tough questions collectively, in the hope that our group conversations will result in new insights about the cultural expressions of our past and present.

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Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
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15 Oct 2016
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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